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I wrote and illustrated a book when I was in elementary school. The handwriting is quite large and the drawings are rather abstract, but it’s still a book: construction paper folded in half and stapled on the fold.

I laugh when I look at the book I made as a child. But when I do, I realize that I’ve been doing the same things all my life – writing, designing, and creating.

These talents are used for my career as a content writer and a web designer. I enjoy writing in order to inspire, educate, and connect others.

I am not defined by my job titles. I am an ENFJ personality who is known for being an improv actor, singer, photographer, ballroom dancer, and musician. I use my performing talents on stage with SNAP! Performance Productions.

I am thankful to all the people I have met in my life who have helped shape the person I am today, and I do my best to pay it forward by volunteering. I am actively involved in the following non-profit organizations: Columbus Young Professionals Club (CYP CLUB)Dress for Success, and Habitat for Humanity.

Say “Yes, and…”

This phrase opens a world of opportunity.

Making a Change

Content Writing

Content First. Design Second.

I have been a web designer for nearly ten years. During this time, I have noticed that a majority of businesses view a new website as just colors and layout. They have neglected the most important part of their site: the content. The content is always last to be addressed, and most often it is copied from an old and outdated site. The copying of old content includes all of the grammar errors and typos, as well.

So I am making the transition from web designer to content writer because I believe the content for a website must ALWAYS come first and should never be neglected. The writing may be an organization’s first impression to a new client or customer.

Best advice for writing web content:

  • » Keep it simple.
  • » Don’t use industry jargon.
  • » Be grammatically correct.
  • » Sound like a human.

Once the compelling content has been achieved, the website’s design will fall into place.

Writing Samples

About Lorem Ipsum (PDF)
Long-form article

Spine Treatments (PDF)
Web content

Atrium Woodside (PDF)
Web content

Random Acts of Kindness (PDF)
Blog post

Dim Lighting (PDF)
Science writing

Meet Cassandra (PDF)
Short-form article

My personality type is an ENFJ.

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