Give to Pelotonia. Get THIS in Return.

I signed up for the 50-mile Pelotonia ride in April and have been asking for donations over the past three months. Pelotonia is less than a month away, and I’ve only raised $170 toward the goal of $1250 commitment. I’ve learned that most people don’t like to give money unless they get something back, even if […]

Making the Videos

Last summer, I was asked to help out with the digital media efforts of SNAP! Performance Productions for the upcoming season. I have been a volunteer and singer with the group since 2010, and I was extremely happy to take on the role. All of my digital content know-how went into creating and overseeing blogs […]

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Making a Change

Content Writing

Content First. Design Second.

I have been a web designer for nearly ten years. During this time, I have noticed that a majority of businesses view a new website as just colors and layout. They have neglected the most important part of their site: the content. The content is always last to be addressed, and most often it is copied from an old and outdated site. The copying of old content includes all of the grammar errors and typos, as well.

So I am making the transition from web designer to content writer because I believe the content for a website must ALWAYS come first and should never be neglected. The writing may be an organization’s first impression to a new client or customer.

Best advice for writing web content:

  • » Keep it simple.
  • » Don’t use industry jargon.
  • » Be grammatically correct.
  • » Sound like a human.

Once the compelling content has been achieved, the website’s design will fall into place.

Writing Samples

About Lorem Ipsum (PDF)
Long-form article

Spine Treatments (PDF)
Web content

Atrium Woodside (PDF)
Web content

Random Acts of Kindness (PDF)
Blog post

Dim Lighting (PDF)
Science writing

Meet Cassandra (PDF)
Short-form article