Give to Pelotonia. Get THIS in Return.

I signed up for the 50-mile Pelotonia ride in April and have been asking for donations over the past three months. Pelotonia is less than a month away, and I’ve only raised $170 toward the goal of $1250 commitment.


I’ve learned that most people don’t like to give money unless they get something back, even if the money is going to a worthy cause. My question: what would you like in return?

Training for Pelotonia 2015

Training for Pelotonia 2015

Give $40 and Get Fifty

Donate $40 or more to my Pelotonia ride, and I’ll GIVE you a minimum of 50 minutes or more of my time and talents.

Think of something that I can help you with or give you:

    • A new head shot for your LinkedIn, Facebook, or dating profile.
    • New photos of your family or your kids’ event.
    • Pictures of your pet(s).
    • Note: some of the best family pictures are not taken at planned events. There is beauty in your every day routine. You don’t need a special occasion.
  • Proofread, edit, design your resume and cover letter.
  • Help with decluttering a room in your home. (Remember my blog: The Minimalist March)
  • Help with your yard work.
  • Help with painting a room in your house.
  • Baby sit so that you and your spouse can have a date night.
It's all for cancer research!

It’s all for cancer research!

Learn a new skill:

  • How to play tennis. (I’ve played in a league and in college, and I used to be a high school tennis coach!)
  • How to ballroom dance (Fox trot, swing, cha cha, rumba, hustle).
  • Basic HTML.
  • Photoshop basics.
  • How to edit a video with iMovie.
  • Read music/play the piano.
  • How to bind a book.

Donate $40 or more to my Pelotonia ride, and you will learn something new, get help with something you need to do around your house, or get some great photos.

And you will have done it by supporting cancer research.

Donate Now

Help Cancer Research

Get on My Calendar

Pelotonia is on August 8th, but fundraising continues through the end of September. Of course, I would appreciate your donation as soon as possible; however, my time can be schedule through the end of October.

Fill up my calendar!

But wait, I already donated…

You’re still included if you’ve already made a donation of $40 or more to my ride. Don’t worry. You can still get time from me!

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