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  • Pelotonia 15

A Chance to be Extraordinary – Pelotonia 2014

August 17th, 2014|Comments Off on A Chance to be Extraordinary – Pelotonia 2014

A Chance to be Extraordinary - Pelotonia 2014 Most people don’t know how much I love cycling. I spent the greater part of my early twenties traveling around New England and going to [...]

  • Holmes County Bike Trail

We Ride for Pelotonia

July 21st, 2014|Comments Off on We Ride for Pelotonia

We Ride for Pelotonia Help me raise money for cancer research Pelotonia is a little over two weeks away, and I'm very excited. This is the first year that Eric and I [...]

  • SNAP! Columbus

The Time of Our Lives

June 4th, 2014|Comments Off on The Time of Our Lives

The Time of Our Lives I made this video while riding in the backseat of Chris's car on a ride up to Hudson, Ohio, which is outside of Cleveland. Like most of my [...]

  • The Minimalists in Cincinnati

Inspiring through Writing

May 9th, 2014|Comments Off on Inspiring through Writing

Inspiring others by writing about becoming a Minimalist Just last week, I was able to meet the two men who have inspired me to write my blog, The Minimalist March. Meeting Joshua [...]

  • Less is More. More or Less.

Minimalism: Live with Less. Live More.

March 24th, 2014|Comments Off on Minimalism: Live with Less. Live More.

Minimalism: Live with Less. Live More. A few months ago, I was searching for something to write about. Yes, I write on various topics for my own website. But I wanted to [...]

  • Nu Shooz

We Love the 80s!

March 21st, 2014|Comments Off on We Love the 80s!

We Love the 80s! I celebrated the kick-off to spring break with an epic 80's night at Otani. Here are the classics that were sung with perfection! (And, yes, there was dancing ala [...]

  • The best Thanksgiving

The Best Thanksgiving Day

November 28th, 2013|Comments Off on The Best Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! On this holiday, people are getting together with their families and enjoying the general company of being with each other... that and all the food. On this day, I always think about [...]

  • Playing Ukelele

Call Us Uke-Ladies

November 27th, 2013|Comments Off on Call Us Uke-Ladies

Call Us Uke-Ladies My coworker's little girl, L, will be giving her first performance in her elementary school choir next month, and she is nervous! L is nervous because she is going to [...]

  • Chiropractor

Thankful for… my chiropractor

November 26th, 2013|Comments Off on Thankful for… my chiropractor

Thankful for... my chiropractor Back pain has troubled me for a long time. I can't say when it started or how often it has bothered me, but the pain is something that [...]

My Model, Marsha

November 25th, 2013|Comments Off on My Model, Marsha

My Model Marsha I had some fun Saturday morning shooting photos for my friend, Marsha. She is also from a colder climate than Columbus, so she didn't fret when I asked if we [...]

True beauty is not in your hair

November 22nd, 2013|Comments Off on True beauty is not in your hair

Hair loss is inevitable when undergoing chemotherapy. The hair loss could be barely noticeable or all hair may be lost. "Hair loss occurs because chemotherapy targets all rapidly dividing cells—healthy cells as well as cancer [...]

You’re Not a Princess (and it’s okay)

November 20th, 2013|Comments Off on You’re Not a Princess (and it’s okay)

I read an article about the "You're Not a Princess" ad campaign created for Mercy Academy, an all-girl Catholic preparatory school in Louisville, Kentucky; and I thought: THANK YOU!!! Mercy Academy, Image on Business [...]